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This is a fictional university, and this is its fictional home page. This page is designed to demonstrate a variety of common web design problems that result in visitors with disabilities being unable to access the content or features of the page. Although the heading at the top of this section of the page suggests that this may be a welcoming webpage for everyone, the inaccessible design of this page sends the opposite message


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More Link Examples - Do not list a URL out in plain text.
Mt. Vernon Research Paper - Do use link text that describes the destination of the link
Don't do this!  Using a screen reader, one can navigate from one hyperlink to the next with a single keystroke, bypassing any non-link text.  In the example below, the user would hear Click Here repeated 4 times with no context for where the link will lead.  The same link text is used 4 times for 4 different destinations and does not provide a description of the destination.
Unit 1:  Click Here
Unit 2:  Click here
Unit 3:  Click here
Unit 4:  Click here

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