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Commencement Unique in Many Ways
Posted on 03/11/2015
Commencement StudentsLaughter and music were the tone of the afternoon at the Commencement, which was held at Davies Symphony Hall for the first time. The new venue provided an elegant backdrop for the traditionally poignant and intimate ceremony. This year the class nominated Jim Haley, a much-loved chemistry instructor who is leaving to pursue his PhD in science education, to represent the faculty. Jim delighted the grads with not only a heartfelt speech about pursuing truth, goodness and beauty, but also with a tribute to the class sung to the tune of a melody from The Little Mermaid. Student speakers Yuma Shinohara and Margaret Ryan spoke eloquently and humorously about their time in high school. Head of School Mike Diamonti spoke of his certainty that this class was born at the right time to recognize what needs to be done to improve the human condition and to work to achieve it. Class Reps read the litany of thank you’s to family, friends and teachers. After the diplomas had been handed out and before the singing of the school song, parents in the audience broke into song, serenading their grads with the timeless Na Na Na Na Hey Hey, Goodbye from 1969, making the commencement one to remember.