English 10 Advanced General Information

Grade Level- 10
Level of Course- ADV and JCC 1510
Prerequisite – English 9
Credit- 1

Requirements to be in a JCC course:

Must pass the JCC Placement Exam, maintain an 80% course average in English, have no behavior referrals in the Advanced English Course, and have teacher approval.

English 10 ADV is an advanced study of literature and composition in accordance with NYS standards and JCC requirements.  Upon successful completion of this class, students will earn college credit for English 1510 at JCC.  Literature is concentrated on a variety of authors. Composition is a focus on English Composition I studies, as well as preparation for the NYS Regents ELA Exam. A student must be recommended by his or her English 9 teacher who judges the reading and writing ability level and quality of the endorsed student as outstanding.   English 9 ADV is not a prerequisite, but is recommended.  A student may enter the program on approval of both former English 9 and English10 ADV teachers and through a passing grade on the English Department Advanced Placement Matrix.  The student must have no behavior referrals and an 85% average in English is required to remain in the program.

Supplies for 2017-18

All supplies must be purchased by students

  • 1 Plain Pocket Folders with 3 Prongs: plastic preferred, no designs, any color
  • Composition Notebook or Computer Journal in Word: marble type with sewn pages, any color or design, no spirals
  • Post-it Notes: any size for tagging books
  • Blue or Black Ink Pens
  • #2 Pencils with erasers
  • USB (optional)
  • Headphones
  • Working Email
  • Internet Access

Texts : all required texts are given by the school, no purchase is required

 fake book image

Independent Reading

by Various different authors Year Published: Independent Reading

These are independent reading books borrowed from school or classroom libraries, or brought from home.

 little seagull cover

The Little Seagull Handbook

by Richard Bullock, Francine Weinberg Year Published: 2011 Writing Handbook

The Little Seagull Handbook is easy to use, contains complete documentation guidelines, and is the only pocket handbook to include thorough coverage of paragraphs. This new handbook is an indispensable and affordable tool for all students who write.

 successful writing book cover

Successful College Writing

by Kathleen T. McWhorter Year Published: 2011 JCC Textbook

Because so many first-year writing students lack the basic skills the course demands, reading specialist McWhorter gives them steady guidance through the challenges they face in academic work. Successful College Writing offers extensive instruction in active and critical reading, practical advice on study and college survival skills, step-by-step strategies for writing and research, detailed coverage of the nine rhetorical patterns of development, and 61 readings that provide strong rhetorical models, as well as an easy-to-use handbook in the complete edition.